How to use Social Media for Your Hair Salon

Marketing your hair salon on social media is the ideal way to reach the maximum audience and gain the exposure that you want and deserve. Approximately 80% of the world uses social media, spending an average of two hours each day on the site. If you are an up and coming salon or want to revitalize your brand, the information here can help you create the success that you want and need. Don’t wait to put these tips to use and benefit your brand.

Tip One: Post Engaging Content

Content matters since social media is home to more than 5 million businesses that are looking to enhance their brand in every way possible.  Your posts should intrigue readers to interact, comment, and share. It should relate closely to the haircare and beauty genre, but an occasional fun post never hurt anyone.

Tip Two: Post Tips

Great hair doesn’t come easily. Most women and men are looking for tips and tricks that help them maintain lush locks that get noticed. Why not provide your audience with the best hair care tips around? This helps your customers create flawless hair and portrays you as the expert that you want to be.

Tip Three: Post Before & After Photos

When you show off your wok, people will be eager to come to you for services. Don’t forget to snap a pic before you style hair and one after your work is completed. People love to see these photos and respond accordingly to those they like. Make sure you post photos of your best work!

Tip Four: How-to Guides

How-to guides also fare well on social media. Whether it is an old-school hairstyle or a new trend, those who fancy your salon want to know how to create the style with their hair. Provide them with an engaging how-to video or post and make everyone happy.

Tip Five: Use as Many Sites as Possible

The average person has 7 social media accounts. More than 70% of those account holders follow at least one business, although most follow more than one business or entertainer and celebrity. As the owner of a hair salon, you should be active on as many sites as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google+ are some of the best social media platforms for businesses, but many others exist. You can learn how to buy followers if you want to increase your audience and credibility in the world.

People visit the salon when they want to improve the look of their hair, whether it is time for a cut, a perm, a color, or another service. If you want those people to find their way to your salon, make sure that social media is a part of you marketing scheme and use the information above to your advantage. With this information it is easy to build a trusted name in the market and get the success that you want and need.

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