Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media has taken over the digital world and these days, approximately 80% of the world has an account or two which they spend a couple of hours using daily. Instagram is among the sites that offer the chance to reach people from across the world. But, if you make the mistakes listed here, you may not get the same benefits from social media as others do. Heed my advice and avoid my mistakes by using the information here to your advantage.

Mistake 1: Private Account

I admit that I didn’t take the time to read the rules, terms, etc. when making my account and I suffered as the result. I didn’t know that I had the option to set a private or public profile and so, no one knew that I was on Instagram. Make sure you always set your account to public so it is easy for visitors to find you.

Mistake 2: Random Posts

Irrelevant, useless photos and content will only hurt your name, not help it. It is important to remain relevant in the minds of your audience. However, it is essential that the photos and content that you post are good quality, relevant to your name/business, and designed to engage the audience.

Mistake 3: Not using Hashtags

Instagram is the number one site for hashtags so make sure you put them to use and maximize your reach. Hashtags are keywords that help people find your posts. Statistics show that photos with 15+ hashtags create more attention than others. Find trending and popular hashtags to use with your photos but create your own branded hashtags as well.

Mistake 4: Inconsistent Posting

You should not over-post because it hurts your brand. However, you shouldn’t under post, either, because this will cause people to go elsewhere for information and engagement on social media. Some people post once or twice per day. It is up to you to determine how often you will post.

Mistake 5: Not Buying Followers

Learn how to buy followers on Instagram and join a growing number of people who use this marketing technique to enhance their brand. If you don’t buy followers, you are missing out on a perk that you’ll regret. This purchase saves time, helps you increase your brand’s reach, and has tons of other benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Bottom Line

I made some of these mistakes and so have many other people. We live and we learn but it is possible to do so without making some of these mistakes. Hopefully, with the information laid out on the line here for you, that isn’t a concern that you will endure. It really puts a damper on things when you aren’t getting the most from social media but it is easy to avoid these mistakes! Social media is a great place to go to reach an audience and build a name for yourself. Make it work for you!

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